How to Write Articles for Traffic

Okay, is it safe to assume you know a little bit about article marketing?

I think so, so if you know anything about article marketing, you know that there are lots of people looking for content to put on their blogs, websites and newsletters. And there’s a whole other group of people who want to get traffic to their sites.

So these traffic people write articles, add a link to their own site into the article, and then publish the article on article distribution websites. Then those publishers — the people looking for content — copy and paste the articles (including the link) onto their site.

Everybody wins.

So let’s say you want to get started writing articles? How do you do it?

Well, there are six parts to an article. Just approach the task step by step, and you can have an article written in as little as 15 minutes.

1) The Offer

Okay, so we’re talking about articles here. What the heck is an offer doing here? Well, at the end of your article, you’re going to write your byline, or ‘bio box’. And that byline is going to include a link that leads your readers back to your site. Well, they’ve got to have a reason to follow that link.

Your first job is to make sure that you are going to do something with the traffic you get, so make sure that you’ve got a good offer waiting for your readers.

2) The Title

The article’s title is the most important part of an article. In fact, a bad article with a great headline is much better than a great article with a poor title. So, make your article’s title compelling and interesting. “How to” articles are often very successful, as are “top 10″ lists (pick any number you want).

But most importantly, put the major keywords for your article at the beginning of the headline. So instead of “How To Grow Big, Juicy Tomatoes” as a title to generate traffic to your home gardening website, name the article “Home Gardening – How To Grow Big, Juicy Tomatoes.” It’s a much better title for the search engines, and for people — the topic will instantly stand out for those who are interested in your topic.

3) The Introduction

Basically, your introduction should ask a question, and promise an answer to that question. That’s it. One to Three sentences is just fine.

4) The Body

If you’re writing a top 10 list of tips, products, or techniques, then start listing those tips, products or techniques. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to write just a few sentences about each thing on your list.

5) The Conclusion

There’s barely a conclusion necessary for your article. In fact, some people leave them out entirely. That’s because you’ve got the “byline” or “bio box” coming up next, and it can do the work of your conclusion.

6) The Bio-Box

It’s called a bio box, byline or resource box, but whatever you call it, this is the place where you tell the reader who you are, and give them a reason to follow your link. So, something like “I’m Joe Smith, and I’ve been teaching organic home gardening for 22 years. And if you’d like more information about home gardening, start with my Home Composting Guide, free, at ”

Do you see how that introduces the author, completes the article, and gives the reader a great reason to click?

Well that’s it for writing articles. Of course, we could go into greater detail on each step, and we do in the Coaching Club. Are you a member yet? If you are, then you’ve got all the resources and instruction you need to create compelling articles and drive massive traffic to your site — all waiting for you in the club.

If you’re not yet a member, then consider joining. You can start for just a dollar, and get all of my resources about article marketing.

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