Does Your Website Talk?

I spend a lot of time trying to figure out ways to make websites sell better. And most of the things that make a big difference on a sales page are things that you write or show on that page.


A great headline.
Good images
Short, easy to read paragraphs
A great offer

But there’s one factor that can improve sales by 20% to 30% or more that isn’t really something you can see on a page at all.

It’s audio.

You can have your website actually talk to your visitors.

So why would you want to do that?

Audio can communicate things that printed text just cannot achieve. Audio can communicate your sincerity and honesty in a way that would be totally missing from your text.

And there’s really no way to show your passion and excitement in text, but it’s a trivial thing to do with audio.

Here are three great ways to use audio on your sales page to help increase sales.

* Tell Your Customers What To Do

Use audio on yoru page to tell your website visitors how to use your website. You can give them instructions like

“Hey, I’m glad you made it here to widgets-R-us-dot-com. You’re about to discover a new way to make your own widgets. Read this page carefully so you can decide if home-made widget-making is right for you. Then click the order link below, and your widget kit will be delivered to you by email in just minutes. Thanks. We’ll see you on the next page!”

* Samples of your product

There are lots of products that are delivered as audio files. Audio interviews, how-to instructional products, motivational products — all these and more can be delivered as audio. So what you can do is actually give your visitors free samples of your product by including audio clips on your sales page.

Apple’s iTunes does this — and so can you.

* Testimonials

A well-written, genuine testimonial is invaluable on your website. But the text can only do so much on its own. But a testimonial from your real customers as a recording on your page makes the testimonial much more authentic, real, and influential.

So how can you put audio on your website? Well, you can mess with WAV and MP3 files if you want — but you can’t really add these to your website without forcing someone to download the files to their own computer first, and then loading them up into an audio player of some kind. That’s just too much work — and very few people will go to the trouble.

Instead, use a service like Audio Generator. This beginner-level tool allows you to upload your audio files, and then it gives you back a little snippet of code to include on your web page.

Wherever you put that snippet you’ll get a small Play/Pause button that will play your audio.

You can set the button to start automatically when your page loads (great for a sales page introduction) or have it play only when clicked (you’d want this for testimonials or audio samples).

Give Audio Generator a try and see how it can help you get more sales, starting today.

Click here to try!

To Your Success

Mark Widawer

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