What Do Search Engines Love?

Search Engines LOVE Blogs!

So many people want to start with Internet Marketing but think they’re just not technical enough to do anything with computers. They think that since they don’t know make a web page with HTML, they’re destined to never have an online business.

Well that’s why blogs are such a blessing for internet marketers — especially new marketers. Blogs make it easy to build web sites, make new pages, put pictures on your site, offer stuff for sale, and even place ads on your site — without any technical knowledge at all.

In fact, if you can use a word processor, a web browser, and your email program, you’ve got all the skills you need to run a blog.

And blogs come with a bonus, too. Search engines LOVE blogs. So even if you don’t know anything at all about Search Engine Optimization — the science of getting your site listed on the search engines — your blog will help you out a whole bunch.

Watch this short clip from this month’s webinar on Blogging for Marketers. It’s all about “Why Search Engines Love Blogs”.


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To Your Success,
Mark Widawer, Kaycee Edenfield, The Coaching Club Team

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