What is this new Traffic Exchange Sweeva?

Wow talk about a long time since I have logged into our blog. We used this alot for the Coaching Club, but now we are using it more for Trafficswarm.
Recently I have been doing alot of research on Traffic Exchanges, and there is one that is definately popping up alot. Sweeva.com is a new one coming from the minds of the some of the leaders in this space, Paul Kinder and Jon Olsen. If you have been in this business for just a few days, you have probably heard of these guys or there sites, TrafficSplash or HitsExchange.
Well this new site really interested me as they are getting on average 1300 new sign ups a day. Here is my splash page link for you to check out http://www.sweeva.com/splash/tskaycee.
I literally signed up today, but one thing that I would like to do at Trafficswarm is something I have seen at other sites as well…..member chat! How cool is that, you can surf and comment on a member’s ad or to them. Everything is linked to Twitter and Facebook. These guys have really got a hold of what is going on at Traffic Exchanges and developed a great product.

If you haven’t joined yet, do so now, http://www.sweeva.com/splash/tskaycee. You can sign up under me which is the Trafficswarm account or just head to there homepage. Best of all you can join for free. :)

Let me know what you think!
Kaycee Edenfield

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